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Founded in 2018, we are a clothing project dedicated to driving individuality and experimentation in how the youth express themselves. 


We want to see our generation dressing how we feel and never held back by what society thinks. 

Everything we design is hand crafted. We're artists first, so our aim is always to create an item that couldn't have been made in a computer. Any mistakes are just as important as the successes in any piece. 

This is not just a brand, its a community. We believe in commication with you, taking in your ideas and using them as inspiration to create a better product, that represents our community's spirit. 

Do this by emailing us, or DMing direct on any of our Socials.

Founded by Benjamin Nicholson, 2018. Designers: Benjamin Nicholson. Lovechild. Alison Holmes. Talia Solanot King. Photographers: Alison Holmes. Talia Solanot King.

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